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    Welcome to Sashiko!

    I will see you soon

    in the beautiful Aya Fiber Studio, FL.


    In-Person 3 Days Sashiko Workshop

    Jan.31st to Feb.2nd.

  • Special Deals For you

    To appreciate your support by learning from us

    It has been very challenging years since the pandemic started. It is my sincere pleasure to offer my workshops with you, with 3 days Workshop. 

    Original Supply Package & Special Coupon


    Please purchase our "Special Package" with our original supplies & tools from the link below. 


    In addition to this unique offer of special package, I would like to offer 7% Off on the Sashiko Supplies you would purchase on our website in-advance to the workshop. It helps me to arrange what I can bring to the workshop. Please complete the order before January 24th. (The coupon expires on 1/25).


    Special Coupon for our Official Web Store (Shipping Free + 7% OFF):




    *Please be advised that ALL OF THE NECESSARY MATERIALS are included to the special package above. There is no need to purchase anything extra to enjoy the workshop. However, the Sashiko threads are comsumption, and you may need more later on. This offer is for that. I will bring a trunk of Sashiko supplies to Aya Fiber Studio. However, it would be very helpful to understand what you would like to get in advance (so I can prepare without worrying about the "Sold-Out" case). 


    *For getting the Free shipping of your Special Package, please use the coupon above after you would make an extra order on our website. Any small purchase is fine to activate the Coupon Above. It helps me to combine your order & special package into one package. Thank you.



    Please check what I recommend for the Sashiko Supplies. 




  • Special Package to Get Sashiko.

    Please purchase this package for the 3-days workshop

    Sashiko Workshop 3-Days Special Package.

    Sashiko Workshop 3-Days Special Package.

    This is a special package for the 3-Days Sashiko Workshop Participants in Aya Fiber Studio, Jan 2022. Please fill out the Google Form below as well.

    Please choose how you would like to receive the package.

    (1). Receive it at Aya Fiber Studio
    (2). Ship the package to your address (Please bring them with you to the workshop) - Expired on 1/14 (You can add orders with coupons even after this date for me to bring. I just would like to ship the package to FL with plenty of time).

    Special Deals designated for the workshop participants, including "shipping free coupons", are available. Please check the main page for the details. Please choose (2) if you are shipping address is outside of the US.
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  • You should receive an email from Aya Fiber Studio for what to bring & expect.

    Just in case, I list all of the information you would need to know before traveling.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.


    This webpage will be a platform of summarizing the information & Q&A.


    Archives of sent emails:

    • Welcome Emails (will be sent via Aya Fiber Studio).

    Preparation for the Workshop

    Important information to maximize the experience

    What to bring for the Sashiko Workshop?

    All of the necessary tools & supplies will be prepared in a package above. Some of them are exclusively prepared for this workshop, so please purchase the package to join the Sashiko workshop above.


    You can check the list of items included in the special workshop package.

    Besides the unique tools & supplies package you would purchase from us, it may be a good idea to have several general sewing tools. Please bring the tools below for the better experience (not required, but recommended). The list of tools are NOT included to the material package you purchase.



    *We do not use them all the time, so if Aya Studio has some, you may be able to use theirs instead of bringing your own to the workshop. However, it is recommended to bring them to make the workshop more comfortable.

    • Ruler (s)

    • Scissors (Fabric Scissors will be better)

    • Notepad & something to write with

    • Scotch Tape

    • Pincushion / Needle Rest

    • Regular Sewing set

      • Sewing needles / dressmaker pins (to hold fabrics)

      • Sewing thread

      • Pins

    • Bandage or masking tape to protect the finger’s nail (☆) - only if you would like to protect the nail (the detail is available in the welcome email).



    • Any garments you would like to have Sashiko stitches on, mainly for Day-2. Several garments/options would be great for mending & for actual Sashiko stitching. Stretchy fabric (stretch denim), hard fabric (raw denim or canvas), and other non-cotton fabric are not recommended to practice Sashiko for the first time.

    • Any (Sashiko) threads, needles, thimbles and fabrics that they would like to confirm how to use (not required).

    • Any books they would like to share (I do not have recommendations for books in English, though).

  • Sashiko Stories (Learn more about Atsushi & Sashiko)

    No Assignment for you, but there are a lot of stories for you even before the workshops.


    Sashiko Story Channel

    Japanese Sashiko FB

    Email to Atsushi

  • Please fill out Google Form

    So that I can offer better workshop for 3 days.


    Please click the link if the website do not open the Google Form.(https://forms.gle/fxaiBhj1zr6ibjtZ6)

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