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Can we make Authentic Boro?

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Sashiko Journey 7 - Can we make Authentic Boro?

I once wrote a blog article about “Authentic Boro”.

Let’s say, (Authentic) Boro was made about 300 years ago. Can we really make the authentic Boro today? Well. It is impossible to make the Boro as the Japanese original did, but we try to make “Boro” with using the about 300 years old fabric, with synchronizing the thoughts and stitching practice with the people live about 300 years ago.The photo is “In Process” Boro that Keiko is working on now.

There are many antique dealers, both professional and amateurs, who sell “Boro” jackets and textile. Some introduce such a beautiful Boro work to the world, and the other introduce “neh” pieces. We have to be well-educated and rich in observation to get the best possible Boro pieces from dealers. We, as Sashi-Co and Keiko aren’t the type of dealer. We are a group of Sashiko stitchers (artisans) to practice the original form of Sashiko. We rarely re-sell the vintage fabric without putting out hands on them. Even a small swatch of vintage fabric, we wash, trim, and stitch (if necessary) before handing them to our clients.

By learning Sashiko, you can recreate the Boro by your own hands. As I keep saying, Sashiko is just a form of stitching. It would be great if one can find the vintage fabric to recreate the Boro. The clean and strong Boro, which can be used in ordinary days, can be a piece of cloth. It means Sashiko and Boro can be in the category of fashion. At the same time, however, the stitching doesn’t have to be on the vintage fabric. It can be anything. When one appreciates the fabric (cloth), then keep stitching to upcycle. Then, the piece will be like a Boro in the future. We do not have to be strict on what we do - but I would like you to know the background stories ,because knowing and not-knowing (ignorance) makes a huge difference, to enjoy the process of repurpose and upcycling. The Sashiko technique is indeed important. I teach Sashiko throughout the workshops. However, the basic technique itself can be mastered fairly quickly after the workshop. It isn’t the challenge that requires a long time to master. Again, Sashiko is just a simple form of stitching with unique posture and technique. Anyone can learn it when they are willing. What makes a huge difference is not only the technique, but also the “wisdom” behind the Sashiko.

Sorry for the short story today. It took a long time to write the “Why do I ask for the support” for the general public. Have a great weekend.