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    This will be a long post... because I don’t even know if I can summarize my understanding of this...
    Add a heading here. Sashiko Journey 7 - Can we make Authentic Boro? I once wrote a blog article...
    Every workshop I had offered in the last 3 years, I tried to express my appreciation to them for...
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    It is my dream to publish a book one day based on my thoughts.

  • A brain storm ideas of publishing a book.

    I am not an author (yet).

    English isn't my first language.

    This is my way to publish a book commercially or even privately.

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    (A child who stitch)


    1. What is Sashiko for us
    2. Boro as an ultimate result of Sashiko
    3. Cultural Appropriation in Sashiko
    (Last Update: Sep.15, 2020)
  • What is Sashiko for us


  • Boro as an ultimate result of Sashiko


  • Cultural Appropriation in Sashiko


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