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    A Sashiko Kit by Upcycle Stitches

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  • Sashiko Kit Package

    We do not have an instruction manual on "How to" on purpose.

    I want you to find your own Sashiko.

    Our Sashiko (DIY) Kit doesn't include an instruction manuals on how you should stitch. In today's market, almost "all" of Sashiko kit includes a manual with "correct" answers. I do not want to define the answer for you.


    Instead, I offer a lot of information on Youtube videos. Please watch them and try to learn & find your own Sashiko. I am always here to support - but I do not spoon-feed someone and make them feel that they "master" the culture. I am still learning as well.

    A list of Kit available as of 2021

    Please check the description below!

    Need More Assistance in Learning Sashiko?

    We offer the Sashiko Online Class (or occassional In-person Workshop) to assist your learning in Sashiko. In the Online Class, you will learn the essence of our Sashiko stitching. Your questions will be answered in the videos as well as the Live Session where you will meet Atsushi via Zoom.


    It would be great if you could consider taking it.


    *If you purchased a Sashiko Kit Package with Thimble & Needle, you should find a card with code pre-printed. It is a coupon of the $13.50 off with accepting to deduct the set of needles & thimble from your Sashiko Class Materials (since you have them already). It is good to have several pairs, but I also have reasons for not offering the 2nd package automatically.