• Sashiko & MaterialGoods.

    Simply the best for you, as simple as possible.

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  • The best Thread, Needle, Thimble and Fabric.

    Sashiko is an ordinary form of hand-stitching developed in Japan. Therefore, one can use any tools & supplies to enjoy Sashiko. However, there are many Sashiko Artisans who tried to improve their supplies & tools better based on their experience, suffering, and achivement. We carry only the best materials that we use everyday. We only sell what we use: it is like a bond between you and us.


    With respecting the concept of "MaterialGoods", we prepared the simplist and most reasonable Sashiko package for you to "Start Enjoying Sashiko" with our items.

    No Instruction, but many ideas here.

    Unlike the other commercialized Sashiko supplies, our package does not include the instruction on "How to do Sashiko". Instead, we share many ideas of what you can do with the materials you get.


    After watching several videos, if you would like to stitch like we do, please consider taking Atsushi's Sashiko Online Class to learn the core & essence.

  • Chalk Pencil - for Dark Fabric

    Learn how to prepare the pattern by yourself, instead of purchasing prepared one.

    Circle Plate - for Curves

    Straight line is easy to draw with rulers. How about Circles? Use what is circle around you.

  • Sample Patterns

    Find your own favorite pattern, with any sizing on any fabric.

    Asanoha (麻の葉) Pattern

    What you need is just a ruler.

    With using the Chalk pencil in the package, with following the simple step video, you can prepare the pattern on the back side of the Indigo Fabric you receive. You may want to practice it a bit with simple copy-paper & pencil before you try it on the fabric.

    Shippou (七宝) Pattern

    It looks like a bit complicated, but once you have a good circle plate, this is one of the easiest pattern to prepare on the fabric.


    Please use the wooden Circle plate you received in the package.

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    Sashiko Thread

    Some say any thread is fine for Sashiko. Well, there are many reasons why we keep using our specific Sashiko Thread. Sashiko Thread Does Matter.

    Needle for Sashiko

    We use only 1 kind of needle without changing the size or length depends on the pattern. The needle has to be your "partner" to take care of the fabrics.

    Metal Round Thimble

    One of the biggest misunderstanding in Sashiko is that "Thimble is optional". It is true in one type of Sashiko, but in our Sashiko, thimble is MUST to have & use. I cannot do any Sashiko without the thimble.


    I say that we can use any kind of fabric for Sashiko. However, of course, we have the preference. Our preference is cotton fabric woven in Japan. Please try the best fabric for Sashiko to find something similar around you.