Announcement to the Online Sashiko Class 2024

    【Live Session】

    The Online Sashiko Class completes by you joining the Live Session with Atsushi. Please check your email from the Google Group, and schedule the live session with Atsushi.


    Google Group Notification

    After receiving the material package & links to all the video, if you have not received the notification of you adding to our Google Group, please contact Atsushi. Most of the update will be done via Google Group & I would like to make sure that your email address is there.


    Thank you very much for your understanding.


    Atsushi Futatsuya

    (Last Update: January 15th)

  • Start Learning Sashiko

    I offer full-support for you to be able to stitch like we do.

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    Online Sashiko Class 2022

    The basic, yet the very essence and the core of our Sashiko

    If you are new to our Sashiko Class, please read our Online Sashiko Class description below. In order to deliver the same experience as the In-person workshop, your understanding & help would be very much appreciated.

    Online Sashiko Class Description Page

    Online Sashiko Class Registration Page

    Once you register the Online Class, you will receive a "Welcome Email" from Atsushi's gmail account. It contains important information. Please read carefully, and ask me if you have any questions.


    When you are wishing to purchase more than the Class materials, I offer a US Domestic Shipping Free coupons in the email as well. Please be advised that all of the necesssary tools & supplies are included to the Online Class. I made a page for the recommended "extra" tools & supplies based on the request from many students.

    Specially Prepared Package for the Online Sashiko Class


    The package you will receive is specially prepared for the (Online) Sashiko Class. Please watch the Video.1 to understand how to use each tool & supplies.


    Here are some summaries:

    • The Indigo Fabric is NOT 100% authentic Japanese traditional Dye. Therefore, the color may come out in aggressive stitching & for the first few times. The Indigo color may change the white thread a bit blue-ish. However, this color will be washed off after the process of Mizutoushi.
    • The pattern on the fabric is now "printed" with washable ink. PLEASE DO NOT WASH the fabric before the Online Sashiko Class. Also, when a stitcher has a sweaty hands or stitching in a hot weather, the pattern may get weak by stitching & Itokoki process. In that case, please use a chalk pencil in the package to reinforce the pattern.
  • Join the Live Session 

    I believe my teaching complete once when you join the Live Session. Many people find something new in the Live Session.

    Online Sashiko Class includes One 1-hour length, semi-private/small grouped Live Session with me. The videos are very comprehensive. You will learn a lot by just watching the contents & practicing with the tools & supplies included as following the direction. However, as we all have different hands, a personal advise can be often beneficial to many people.

    The Live Session is held on Zoom. In order for me to see you stitching, it requires a bit of preparation. A built-in camera on your laptop will not do well for the purpose of Live Session. You would need a separate webcam if you try to join with laptop or separate smartphone. If you are joining with the smartphone (iPhone/Android), please prepare the a phone-stand and/or a tripod.


    The detail can be found below.


    *Previous Explanation: Google Doc / Article on How to Prepare the Live Session

    *How to Login to Zoom Meeting: Log in to Zoom

    The point is that I want to watch you stitching over there


    The most important factor of the Live Session is for me to check your stitching (learning) by actually watching you stitching. By learning completely new form & technique, the result may not be as ideal as you wish. It is okay. You just started learning. Therefore, instead of me checking your result, I want you to check your posture, movement, and most importantly, "Rhythm". In order to make it happen, please prepare your meeting setting a bit. A built-in camera on laptop wouldn't work well for this.

    If you are using Mobile Device (Android/iPhone/Tablet)


    Please get a stand or a tripod for you to secure your camera while you stitching. I find "microphone stand" most convenience, but a cheap table-top tripod is just fine. Please try to find a spot where you can show your stitching with using the backcamera, while you can check the main screen to check my stitching.


    You may login to the Zoom with 2 devices. One for the video, another for you to watch. In that case, please mute one device in the time of logging in.

    If you are using desktop/laptop computer


    Please prepare a separate web-camera. A built-in web-camera will not work for the purpose of the Live Session. After connecting to the web-camera with a tripod or a stand, please login to Zoom & select the camera from the "Video" Section.

    Link to the stand, tripod and webcam I have introduced in the video (any other items are perfectly fine as long as it does the purpose.) There is no need to have all of them. Just one item is fine so that you can show your stitching without you holding the camera with your hands.


    Activating the Camera on a Smartphone

    In order to watch me stitching & allow me to watch you stitching at the same time, please activate the back camera of your phone by following the photo below. Then, please incert the phone between your face (eyes) and hands. If you have several devices, one can be set aside to see me stitching as a monitor.

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  • I am always here to support. 

    The completion of the Online Class is not the same as completion of my support.

    My goal is to keep encouraging you to enjoy the Sashiko we want to pass down. When many people enjoy Sashiko as we do, we can collectively preserve the Japanese Sashiko I have received. It is the best (and probably the only) way to pass it down in many filtered & twisted information.

    I periodically update the "Online Class Follow-Up Materials". Please visit the page with the passwords you use for the Sashiko Videos.



    Announcement to the Online Sashiko Class 2021

    【Price Change Notification Update April 18th】

    Starting on May 1st, the Online Sashiko Class fee will go up to $330.00 (currently, it is $300.00). I offer 1 months of "considering time" to register you with the previous price of $300.00 with asking you to wait to receive the package until the end of May toward the beginning of June. The order before May.1 and the full-price ($330.00) will be processed within a day ~ a week as always. (Please be advised that there is a maximimun numbers of participants for each monthes. For the considering time, if the numbers exceed the capacity, I will add you to the waitlist and will notify you when your class will be delivered.


    【Password Update starting on May 1st 2021】

    The Password will be renewed on May 1st 2021. The new password will be emailed to your email address if your registration is after January 1st 2020. If your registration is before December 31st 2019, please check your emails to learn how to extend your subscription.

    (Online Sashiko Class set "(About) one-year" priod for wathching the video to encourage learning. I offer reasonable ways to extend the subscription as well.)


    Google Group Notification

    After receiving the material package & links to all the video, if you have not received the notification of you adding to our Google Group, please contact Atsushi. Most of the update will be done via Google Group & I would like to make sure that your email address is there.