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    What I want to do is to be someone's help

    Beyond Sashiko & Stitching

    While sharing many Sashiko Stories, teaching Sashiko to many dedicated people, and speaking up the important voice about the Japanese Sashiko we have been practicing, I occasionally receive an interesting question, and it always makes me think more.


    The Question is:

    "What do you want to do as a dream?"


    Many people expect me to say "Sashiko" - and it is very true that I want to do Sashiko now and 30 years from now. However, for me, Sashiko is more like an "Ordinary". How do I make my daily routine to my dream? Do I want to be the best master of Sashiko? Well, as you may know, I consider there are no such a thing as "master" in Sashiko, and there are no competition after all. There are no Better or Worse on top of no "Right and Wrong". The more I think, the more strongly realize that the Sashiko I practice is satisfied in my personal level.


    I am speaking up the voice about Sashiko so that my ordinary will not be something completely different. It is more like a mission to show respect to those who passed down Sashiko to me. Yes, it is my goal to pass down the Sashiko we have been practicing Sashiko. Yes, it is my dream to "leave" as many stories & Sashiko stitching as possible for my daughter. Yes, I would like to see the "mindful change" in Sashiko instead of someone's change in violence & ignorance.


    Yes, sharing Sashiko is what I want to do: but again, it isn't really like a dream - more like a mission - a fate that I have accepted for my life.


    It makes sense to me. However, answering the question above saying "What I want to do is Sashiko" sounds a bit strange. Then, with spending my life, I wonder what I really want to do.


    To be the one whom I really wished to meet to.

    Deep down, the answer is pretty simple.


    "I would like to be someone's help."


    In my unique childhood, I was always looking for someone who could help me. Unfortunately, I couldn't meet "the one" to offer me the help. Instead, Books & Writings were the constant help I was receiving. Therefore, I like words. The words can help others.


    At the same time, I often wonder what would happen if I had met "the one" who could offer me some type of help. When I wonder about it, I start feeling the urge to be "the one" myself. I do not exactly know who "the one" is. However, the foundation is the same. I would like to be someone's help - even a little bit.


    Be a Clinical Psychologist/Counsellor?

    When I was in college, I didn't feel safe enough to say/write out loud like this. I blocked this wishful thinking by denying there is no such a thing as "the one".


    Well, there are, in this world. A Clinical Psychologist is the one who is helping many many people, on-going, day by day. I married to one of these, and her time often save someone's life.


    "Being a Clinical Psychologist is my dream."

    This sounds pretty straight forward... but I have not chosen this route (yet). I respect many psychological counsellors. I really do to many people I know including my wife. However, unfortunately, I personally do not have good experience with them - especially in the Psychological Councelling developed by Western Mindset.


    When I was in Pain, CBT or personal counselling (in English) didn't help much. The counselling sessions in Japan (in Japanese) were worse than the one in the USA. I came across the "Morita Therapy Method" once, and I tried to follow it. I liked it, but it didn't become "the one" that I felt to pursue spending my life.


    Yes, I am probably just procrastinating, or even avoid facing the reality.

    However, today, I am here with (relatively) healthy status... and I realize there was always "Sashiko" and books & writing I had read to understand Sashiko. After all, what I hated the most in my childhood had helped me the most.


    So, if I have a change, I would like to be someone's help.



    • I do not have any certification, credential or degree from any types of organizations regarding the Psycholgy, Clinical Counselling, or even "Coaching". 
    • I do not have "a method" that I follow. I don't even know what I can do.
    • I cannot "solve" the issue, but I can search my words in my brain - which is very much related to Japanese mindset, philosophy, and Sashiko thinking behind that.
    • This is not a clinical session for any purpose of "healing".


    So, I am nobody.

    But, if possible, I would like to try.




    Personal "Sashiko" Counselling.


    • 30~45 minutes conversation. Any topic is fine with/without any psychological suffering or pain.
    • All I do is listen & offer what I can find "it" with personalizing it for you.
    • I may be stitching while listning: stitching helps me to go back to the "status" and I may be able to offer better service.
    • Fee isn't necessary - this is more like me returning the favor to numbers of books & writing (including stories offered by my Sashiko Artisans). Donation would be appreciated, but only if you can afford and/or feel like it.