• Are you Ready for QuiltCon 2023?

    This is a special website for QuiltCon 2023 Sashiko Workshop "Core & Essence". After the completion of the Workshop on Friday, this page will become a support webpage with follow-up materials. Please check your follow-up email for the Password for the materials.

    *This website will be a Follow-Up page after the QuiltCon weekend with password protection. You will receive a password in a follow-up email after the actual workshop.

    List of Contents: What you can expect here.

    • A List of items in the Package (Please check the contents if you receive the package at home).
    • What to bring to the QuiltCon
    • Trunk Sale - Shopping of our Sashiko Supplies in QuiltCon
    • FAQ before the workshop
    • Optional Download Materials

    Also, please read the Sashiko Workshops Description if you have not checked it (on UpcycleStitches.com).

  • A list of items in the Package

    You receive the package in advance? This is a list of items inside.

    • 1 skein of Sashiko thread, 145 meters
    • 1 Sashiko thimble
    • 3 Sashiko needles
    • Fabrics with the pattern printed on for the workshop, and other fabric to make a tote bag and such (2 kinds of cotton fabrics, 1 interface, and 2 fabric stripes).
    • 1 x Thread bobbin Paper
    • 1 x Surprise item
    • 1 x Finger cot
    • 1 x threader
  • What to Bring to QuiltCon

    Most of the items you need is included to the supply package. This is a list for the recommended tools/items for you to bring.

    The Detail of What you can bring & what to expect is the same as the article I wrote for the QuiltCon 2023. If you have not read yet, please take a look at this before the QuiltCon.



    Core & Essence

    The Special Package you purchased is all you need to enjoy the Sashiko: Core & Essence.

    If you choose to receive it to your home, please bring all of the contents inside.


    The following list is recommended tools/items for you to feel more comfortanle in the workshop:

    • A pen & A note pad to take notes.
    • Masking Tape (Small one is fine - I will bring some as well)
    • Bandage to protect the nail from scratching by needles (if you would like to protect the nail).
    • It may a good idea to cut the nail on the dominant hand (the hand with the needle). One can learn Sashiko with long nails, but it may be an obstacles in the first trial.

    *The Workshop Room will have some scissors for us to use.

  • Trunk Sale in Lunch Break

    This is an exclusive deal for only Sashiko Workshop Participants. I will bring as much supplies & items as possible.

    There are a lot of items I would like to introduce to you: who are in Sashiko Joy. However, since I am a single person project, I cannot have a booth as vendor. Instead, MQG kindly allow me to have a quick Trunk Sale during the Lunch break. This trunk sale is only available for the workshop participants.


    The amount of items for sale can be limited because I would like to bring many samples. It would be great if you could take a look what you can expect there & possibly order in advance (so that I can ship it to Atlanta for you).

    At the same time, don't worry too much for the "Sold-Out" items. I learned what is good from the previous QuiltCons. I will have an "order-form" ready and you will get the same deal without any additonal cost to be shipped even after the Quiltcon. The form is ready in Quiltcon room, and you may download it here.


    - Order Form for Supplies in QuiltCon 2023 Sashiko Trunk Sale during the Lunch Break.

    If you find anything you would like to pre-order below, please use the "Shipping Free" Coupon. I will bring your order with me to the Sashiko Workshop in QuiltCon.


    Coupon for QuiltCon 2023: 62GYW9NKPDKN

    (Expire on Feb.20)

    *Please read here for how to apply the Coupon on our website.

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    Regular Sashiko Thread

    Cotton 100% / About 145 meter length

    As I would explain “Why do Sashiko Thread Matter” in the workshop, we use a very specific thread for Sashiko. All of the large skeins are from the same manufactures with following color choices:


    Synthetic Dye

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    Natural Dye Sashiko Thread

    A small tagline

    Color from Nature always surprize us positively. Fabric "breathe", so does thread. We enjoy unique colors from each Natural Dye.


    Keiko often talk to the thread in Dye batch. Enjoy the creation of Sashiko Artisan who needed to dye thread for her "Sashiko".


    *Since all of the threads are hand-dyed, we have very limited inventory. We try our best to re-create the same color. However, please be advised that they are all "One-of-a-kind" Sashiko Thread.


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    Signature Indigo & Kakishibu Dye

    With help of experts to create such a beautiful color.

    We also offer beautiful Sashiko thread became available thanks to the experts in its field. Enjoy the top quality colors from many experts.


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    Great Fabric for Sashiko

    We introduce various kinds of the "Most Suitable Fabric"

    Sashiko requires to have appropriate Sashiko Thread, good needle, stable thimble, and our understanding of the rhythm. Fabric is another category of appreciating the culture.


    I will share many stories there, and will bring some Great Fabric for Sashiko as well as "one-of-a-kind" of unique fabric.


  • FAQs for QuiltCon Sashiko Workshop

    I will update as I receive a questions related to the workshop.

  • Sashiko Online Store

    When you need more & extra supply & Tools.