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    Sashiko Japan Tour 2023

    As much details as possible here. (Full Itenary will be sent to the participants).

    All information will be fixed & confirmed when the spots are all filled.

  • Date for 2023 Spring.

    April 12th to April 22nd (may be extended to 24th by choice).


    Days of Stay in Japan

    10 for Regular ~12 days for Extended

    Pricing (Estimate)

    (Within 2022)

    Early Registration: $4,650.00 for 10 days / $5,150.00 for 12 days(without Airfare to Japan)


    (After Jan.2023)

    1st Regular: $5,000.00 for 10 days / $5,700.00 for 12 days(without Airfare to Japan)


    +$300.00 for pre-trip Online Class (only if you have NOT taken any Atsushi's workshop before).


    *This pricing is for "trials" tours - the future tours will be higher than this pricing. We try to find the best for experience & people, then find comfort in transportation & staying. We will priotize the comfortness & better experience (We won't find the cheapest option to lower the price).


    *For your personal usage of exchanging the currency, "Wise" has the lowest fee so far. (If you know any other service, please let me know!)

    Things to Do // HighLight of the Tour

    • Socializing Event to meet Japanese Sashiko stitchers - Keiko & our work's Exhibition.
    • Meeting & Stitching with Keiko in Takayama (Sashiko & Boro & Hitomezashi Workshops) - for days.
    • Famous Takayama Festival (Spring) from Local's View.
    • Traditional Meal in Takayama, in 200+ years old restraurants with Michelin starts. Atsushi personally explain the significance of this place in English.
    • A Whole Day in Takayama for Shopping & SightSeeing from Local Eyes.
    • A Whole Day in Kyoto for Shopping & possible Workshops (Store list available in the Itenary) 
    • A Whole Day in Tokyo for visiting friends & Shopping
    • Kogin-Sashi Workshop with meeting a legendary Teacher in Tokyo.
    • A visit to Shirakawago (National Heritage) to see the houses (places) where they would be stitching for their survival.
    As Additional In Extended Plan
    • Authentic Natural Indigo Dye workshop.

    Who can Join?

    This is NOT a tour sold to public. Although State of PA doesn't require the license to arrange a trip, this is very personal travel and I will take you to many places where I would go. For that purpose, anyone who share the same interest in Sashiko & Japanese Culture with one from following requirements (the one I consider as friends).

    1. A Graduate of Sashiko Workshop "Core & Essence" (an In-person workshop for more than 3 hours length).
    2. An Online Sashiko Class Student
    3. Patreon Supporters.(*1)
    4. Anyone with references from (1) ~(3) people (Strongly Recommended to take Atsushi's class before the trip if they join the workshop).
    5. Anyone who is wishing to take the Online Sashiko Class before the Trip.
    *1, if you have not learned "Unshin" in our Sashiko Class, discounted Online Sashiko Class fee $300.00 will be applied additionally for pre-travel class. It is extremely important to be familier with Unshin before the trip.
    **2, The person with past issues (such as nasty arguments on SNS) will not be accepted to the Tour. Atsushi has full control of who can join this tour.

    What is included to the Pricing.

    • The arrangement of transportation in Japan, from the tour starting location (the first hotel In Tokyo) to the ending location (the last hotel) in Tokyo. 
    • Sashiko Materials & arrangement to join the special Sashiko project.
    • The entrance fees for museums (if applicable),
    • The workshop fees - Sashiko, Boro, Kogin (which everyone will take together).
    • Hotel stays (sharing a room with 2 beds - like a twin-bed room - is standard. If available, I may book single room for everyone. For the stays in Takayama, we stay at a whole house with 4 bed rooms with sharing) - A single room throughout will be arrangeable with extra fees.
    • 3 Official Meals
    • Most of the Breakfast (small discount if you do not need).
    • Atsushi’s On-Site Translation & Cultural Story Reading Materials before/while/after the Tour.

    What is NOT included to the Pricing.

    • International airfares to/from Japan (To/from TKO)
    • Transportation from/to the Airport to the first Hotel in Tokyo (Atsushi can help you to arrange the transportation from/to with actual expense).
    • The Hotel Room before the first night and after the final date night if you plan to stay longer. (The final day depends on the plan).
    • Travel insurance (Please read the insurance requirement).
    • Workshop You Choose outside of the Itinerary (if applicable in “Free Time”).
    • Add on Plans not mentioned in the Itinerary (such as Kimono Rental).
    • Porterage at hotels
    • Gratuities, Food & Meals such as lunch and 7 dinners), and other personal shopping. (Atsushi will usually suggest a place for meals)
    • Alcohols Drinks in 3 official dinners.
    • Personal expenses (Snacks, coffees, and choice of upgrading the transportation - taxi).

    About Luggages

    It is important to keep the luggage as “carry-able”. This trip doesn’t have “private bus” to take us everywhere.

    Although I will do my best to arrange the comfortable transportation with possible suitcase, please keep your suitcase as carry-able as possible from city to city (like Bullet Train).


    Atsushi can assist you to ship the lugguage from city to city. The Japanese Shipping Logistics is Awesome!

    Notes to understand the trip better

    • Official Dinner is the special meal included to the travel fee. Atsushi will reserve/prepare the dinner. 
    • Un-official dinner/lunch is a meal where you can choose to come with Atsushi or go by yourself (with anyone). The fee is NOT included to the tour price, but I will NOT take you to somewhere fancy - but something very Japanese if you decide to follow me.
    • Most of the breakfasts are included in the hotel stay 
      • If you do not need breakfast like me, I can issue a small discount.
    • If you would like to add more shopping opportunity in Tokyo (or other cities), please get a flight ticket as necessary. It is only 2+ hours of bullet train ride from Kyoto to Tokyo.
    • I booked the best graded hotels as the budget allow (For example, Deluxe Twin Room instead of standard twin Room). Please let me know if you would like to have a single room so I can get the reasonable & single room in the same hotel (or nearby hotel).

    About Transportation

    In Tokyo/Kyoto, we will use subways for the best in pricing & time.


    To travel to Takayama from Tokyo, I am thinking to use "Bus" because of 2 reasons:

    1. No need to change train in Nagoya/Toyama
    2. The Luggage will come with us & no need to worry about them once we are on the Bus.
    The concerns are:
    • It is 5h30m ride. 
    • Seats are 2 x 2 (2 seats each - 4 row seats). The seats are bigger than airplaine economy seats, but not "that" comfortable.
    I believe it is okay with 2 breaks in 5h30m (stop by "service" area for drinks, bathroom, and food & shopping if apply). The Free-Wifi is available throughout, and there is one bathroom inside just in case.
    To travel to Kyoto to Takayama, again, I am thinkning to use bus for the same reasons. It is less duration 4 hours... but I want you to enjoy the train from Takayama to Nagoya. In that case, we may want to "ship" our luggage to the final hotel we will stay.
    From Kyoto to Tokyo, we use bullet train for the speed (No changing train).
    In other occasions, I may ask you to walk a bit, but we will use Uber & taxi as needed.

    Physical Level:

    The tour doesn't require any running or hard physical activities. However, it could include some walking between stations with your luggage(s).


    For your protection, comprehensive travel insurance is required and in the best interest of each traveler, to protect you before and during the trip. Travel insurance is not included in the price of the tours. Upon your purchase, of the insurance, I will ask you to sign the liability waiver as well.

  • Application Here!

    Please wait for Atsushi to Contact you for the possible availability!

  • Brief Itinerary 

    Full of things to do on the theme of "Experience & people" (You have a freedom to join or not to each event).

    The Details will be shared to the participants.

    April 12th (Wed) - Welcome to Japan

    Meet in Tokyo. Unofficial Dinner with Atsushi & meeting everyone in the Hotel Atsushi arranges.


    April 13th (Thu) - Dive in Tokyo.

    A whole day in Tokyo.

    • Kogin-sashi Workshop with a legend Kogin Teacher (or her students).
    • Enjoying "Ningyo Cho" for local experience (with local friend).

    April 14th (Fri) - Welcome to Takayama

    A bit of long travel to Takayama, and enjoy the night of Takayama Spring Festival.


    April 15th (Sat) - Takayama Festival (& Sashiko)

    Takayama Festival from local (Atsushi's) view. I mean, I had been a great part of the festival until I move to the US since I was born. We also begin the Sashiko & Boro & Hitomezashi workshop with Keiko.


    April 16th (Sun) - Dive in Takayama

    More focued on Stitching, but also shopping & sightseeing options in Takayama. Dinner will be hosted in 200+ years old restaurant.


    April 17th (Mon) - A visit to Shirakawago

    A day trip to Shirakawago (National Heritage) to see the old traditional houses where Japanese women actually would have stitched Sashiko - with great views.


    April 18th (Tue) - Welcome to Kyoto

    After a bit of transportation to Kyoto, we will have evenin in Kyoto.


    April 19th (Wed) - Dive in Kyoto.

    Whole Day in Kyoto. The activigties will be chosen soon.


    April 20th (Thu) - Hello Tokyo, Again!

    After a short Bullet Train ride, we will continue sight-seeing & shopping in Tokyo before the end of t he tour.


    April 21th (Fri) - Meet Japanese Sashiko Artisans

    We will have a Social event where we meet Japanese Sashiko artisans while enjoying Keiko's and others recent Sashiko achievement.


    April 22nd (Sat) - Bye for now.

    After breakfast, we conclude the tour.


    (Optional) April 23.

    Starting morning on 4/22 to the evening on 4/23, we will travel to suverb of Tokyo for the National Indigo Dye workshop (Pending & Arranging).

    Say by to everyone on the 4/24th morning after the breakfast.

  • HightLight of the Sashiko Japan Tour

    It isn't a Japan Tour. It is the time that Atsushi prepare with full explanation & passion for Sashiko.

  • Spend Time with Keiko

    Main Part (1) She is all yours for 4 days in Takayama

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    Learn everything from her.

    Learning from Keiko - is the final version of what I can teach. I am learning from her as well.


    With the "Core & Essence" you learned, let's enjoy time together to make Sashiko & Boro - together.

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    Let's make it together

    I would like to do something together - like a memorial project. I am working on it, and will update when we know more for what we can do.

  • Meet Japanese Sashiko Artisans

    Main Part (2) - True opportunity to "interact" over Sashiko.

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    Let's stitch together across difference.

    We will have a party/dinner with Atsushi's Sashiko Friends (Rising Sashiko Artisans in Japan).

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    Keiko's First Exhibition

    We will arrange a place for Keiko to exhibit her Sashiko pieces in Tokyo.

  • Takayama Festival.

    Main Part (3) Atsushi is probably one of the best in introducing this Festival in English

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    All Stories package for this festival

    We are "The Local" of this festival. You will enjoy the Festival from the Local's Perspective

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    Sashiko, Boro, then Shopping

    I will arrange some transportations for those who would like to go for specific shopping. The house we stay (AirBnB) is located within a walking distance to the main part of the city (where the festival will be). I will "suggest" a plan, and we can decide what to do each day.