• Reasons for this idea // A Draft Artist Statement

    I practice Sashiko, Japanese Stitchery. Among many similarities in Quilting & Sashiko, I find it interesting to see “precision” and “as is” as differences. With respect & following the Quilting Rules & Guideline, I made a quilt with one theme: “Less Cutting Fabric”. All of the fabric “pieces” are the scrape of vintage fabric. The Edge was my challenge (to focus on my theme) because it requires precision & cutting the fabric. Thanks to my quilting teacher, I may complete this quilt with almost no cutting.


    I understand this is NOT a traditional form Quilting. I wanted to ask for the possible "finishing" idea while explaining this is NOT an idea out of ignorance and disrespect.


    I appreciate MQG for accepting this item without traditional finishing such as Binding and Facing.